The UPCI stresses and supports the family unit as God's primary institution and teaches that the church is God's redemptive fellowship for all believers.

Ladies Ministry

Illinois District Ladies Ministries

llinois Ladies Ministries is affiliated with the United Pentecost Church International Ladies Ministries. Illinois Ladies Ministries provide various programs to reach the needs of our families and communities.

Ladies President :      Kathern Upchurch

Ladies Secretary :      Rhonda Burk

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Spanish Ministries

Illinois District Spanish Ministries

World Evangelism Center staff members and mentors from the community offer instruction on evangelizing the Spanish-speaking community. This program has helped to build a bridge between the UPCI and the Hispanic population.

District Spanish Coordinator :      Andrew Suarez

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North American Missions

Illinois District North American Missions

The General North American Missions Division has developed excellent ministerial programs to support evangelical efforts across the North American continent. Through workshops, conferences, and other training seminars, we have begun reaching urban populations and a wide range of groups within the United States and Canada. We currently support the work of thirteen metro missionaries and over twenty multicultural and other specialized ministries.

District North American Missions Director :      George Szabolcsi

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Sunday School

Illinois District Sunday School Department

The mission of the Sunday School Division is to assist the whole church in developing and maintaining a growing and effective Sunday school. We train, equip, and motivate workers to evangelize and nurture spiritual development among people of all ages with special emphasis on children's and singles' ministries.

Sunday School Superintendent :      Bart Lloyd

Sunday School Secretary :      Martin J. Martin

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Illini Youth

Illinois District Youth Ministries

Illinois Youth Ministries exists to partner with each local church and youth ministry in Illinois to REACH unsaved youth with the Gospel, to CONNECT them with other apostolic students and young adults, and to EQUIP them to grow in their relationship with Jesus Christ.

Youth President :      David Brown

Youth Secretary :      Anthony Maynard

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Global Missions

Illinois District Global Missions

The objective of the United Pentecostal Church International (UPCI) in organizing the Global Missions Division is to proclaim the whole gospel to the whole world by sending forth God-called men and women in obedience to the great commission.

Global Missions Director :      Jack Jenkins

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